Uppity Cops…Again

First, the case of Candice White, an eighteen year old, pregnant, citizen of East Bank, West Virginia. Seems that Sgt. Steve Smith is a little trigger happy with his tazer. He zapped this woman three times with it, apparently while just playing around during a social visit. A report in front of the city council […]




I’m not really so much interested in the main thrust of this article…there will always be arsehole cops, and if one gets cacked whilst being obnoxious to a superior then that’s just one more cherry on the ice cream sundae that is my day…as I am this statistic: The incident was reported as police are […]


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Protect? Nah. Serve? You What?

Handicapped, handi-capable, whatever.  I don’t particularly care what this guy requires to get through his day, I’m more interested in the bit about being tackled, arrested, and put on bloody trial for recording a conversation with a police officer: About a month before the incident no-parking signs were erected. One of the officers, who recognized […]



On the Job

My dad was a cop. Mycroft’s dad was a cop. Hazel’s dad was a cop. Robb’s dad was a cop. See a pattern emerging? I received a nasty email a few weeks ago by some numbnuts former cop who was, in essence, saying that I and my website should be shut down for talking bad […]



The Men in Black

(Guest blogger: Robb Allen from Sharp as a Marble) I’ve said it before, tyranny will enter this country not at a federal level but at the local level. And the people who are more than happy to bring it to you will be the police. SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — Springfield’s men in black are returning. The […]


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More Uppity Cop, This Time With Civilian Outcry

Last March, a Portland, OR LEO decided to park his cruiser in a no parking zone outside of a restaurant in order to pick up his meal. An attorney inside the restaurant saw this happen and confronted the officer, who replied: “If someone broke into your house, would you rather have the police be able […]



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