My American Journey

My American Journey started in California. Born there, lived there until I a was two. Then back East, by car. No big superhighways for my dad, no sir. We took Route 66. (Believe me, I’ve seen the slide show: it’s freaking beautiful.) Then we lived in Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. For a […]


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Dad and the GD Bricks

I am not going to write about the news of today, no matter how interesting it is that New York’s new governor is also involved in a sex scandal, or that one of the youngest girls to ever fly cross country (and transAtlantic) decided to kill herself, or that the Heller case could be the […]



Sundays with Dad

When I was a boy, probably about nine or ten, Dad took us to what would become the Valhalla of our young lives: the hobby store. Dad was a great believer in hobbies. He could paint, built model train layouts, and even built several different styles of loom and would weave things, by hand, that […]



My Dad’s Books

I learned to read by crawling up on my dad’s lap and trying to follow along with Louis L’Amour. Not only were the stories more interesting than “DickandJane”, they were conversational. It was more like people actually spoke than the pap available on “Sesame Street”, “The Electric Company,” and my primary books. The L’Amour books […]



I just had to say it, didn’t I…

In my first post here, I talked about how things were different than they were when I was a kid. I even mentioned what might happen if some over-zealous public health monitor decided they knew better than my own parents. Sure as shooting, (well at least my own shooting) this has to go and happen. […]



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