What No One’s Mentioned

Right now, there’s a big kerfuffle on the right side of the internet about Obama’s plan to require or strongly encourage volunteerism among the citizenry in exchange for a $4,000 tax break. It goes something like this: you work up to 100 hours a year in some non-salaried capacity, and the federal government gives you […]


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Incoherent Rant Included At No Extra Charge

I shouldn’t blog angry, but if I took the time to calm down before I wrote anything, you’d get biannual posts and like it. So, this morning I’m talking with a friend at work. Said friend (we’ll call him “Sally”) is a flaming Democrat. Sally tends to be fairly even headed and not a complete […]


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Not Completely Stupid

Obama says “don’t assume I’ll take the VP slot.” Well, of course not.  Being VP to Hillary would mean playing second banana to her (inevitably) failed presidency. And having Hillary as his VP would mean he’d eventually wind up in Fort Marcy Park. Smartest thing that man has said yet.


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The Expendables

I really don’t want it to seem like I’m specifically picking on Great Britain, after all, the United States certainly has its own share of, er…issues. But Old Blighty surely does make it easy… A father was stabbed and beaten to death in front of his 7-year-old son by a gang he was trying to […]


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I’m Sorry, You’ve Been Voted Off the Island

This is precisely why socialized medicine is BAD: Doctors are calling for NHS treatment to be withheld from patients who are too old or who lead unhealthy lives. Because at some point the STATE will decide that YOU are expendable. And then, gentle readers, what do you do? (Via QandO)


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Screwdrivers Are Certainly Next

These countries that ban ownership of firearms are learning a hard truth: criminals don’t need guns to commit crimes… Henry Webster, 16, was punched, kicked and hit repeatedly on the head on a tennis court at Ridgeway School in Wroughton, Wiltshire, in 2007. … “He was knocked to the ground, he was kicked, punched and […]


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