We’re Cooking What They’re Filming

As three of you might have noticed, I posted a recipe here a while ago, a recreation of the dish served to the restaurant critic in the movie Ratatouille.  From that has sprouted the (admittedly not-original) idea of Movie-Food.com, where we take dishes (or just the mention of dishes…we’re easy) from movies and recreate them […]



Call for Submissions

Gah, completely OBE today, lots of work-type thing screwing up our blogging time, demmit!   Just popping in this morning to announce that we’ll be playing host to the upcoming Carnival of the Libertarians this weekend, and have had a somewhat puny turnout thusfar. If you’ve a weblog, and a perspective on limited government and/or […]


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We had an early Easter for the kiddos tonight due to their grandparents heading out of town this weekend.  My sister made the perilous journey across the state to join us, and oohed and aahed over Ted’s “I Hold the Line” t-shirt…which reminded me…  Hey!  We have “I Hold the Line” t-shirts!  And here’s what […]


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Regular readers of the site may have noticed the box up top mentioning The Picador Project.  Some of you may even have been witness to the conversation that started it all a few weeks ago.  Well, we’ve been working on it since then and we believe we have, to quote someone or other, all our […]


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You Can Do It!

You’ve heard us go on in these pages about how liberty equals personal responsibility.  Corollary to that is self-reliance, whether it’s changing your own tire, making your own soap, or growing the vegetables/fruits your family consumes.  We’re certainly not walled-compound survivalists, but everyone should know how to do these things, and so many more.  If […]


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