Bite It, Barry

Via Weasel (where’s Damien, dammit??): We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times … and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK,” Obama said. Pardon…is that the Obamessiah coming straight out and telling us he’s a frickin’ […]


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Child Molestation Still Okey Dokey

Surely this is satire: The Vatican has extended its list of mortal sins to include 21st century issues such as genetic experimentation, pollution, social injustice, drug abuse and excessive wealth. “Sky News” is like Hungarian for “The Onion,” right?  RIGHT??



Moron of the Day, N’est-ce Pas?

I understand this woman-child had a burgeoning career before her Oscar-winning turn in La Vie en Rose last year, and I enjoyed her quite immensely as the saucy Fanny Chenal in Peter Mayle’s A Good Year. What a pity she’s irretrievably stupid: “I think we’re lied to about a number of things,” Cotillard said, singling […]



Widows and Orphans Fund?

Ok, right here up front I’m going to float the possibility that the reporting in this story is, typical of regional newspapers/websites, a bit shoddy. Here’s the crux: Car stopped for speeding Eager young wet-behind-the-ears deputy (on the job two whole weeks) decides the driver’s story (which is not detailed in the “article”) doesn’t add […]



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