Time Magazine Needs Grease

To slip their collective head on through the door, it’s getting way too big. From an article about the new cover of Time Magazine, where a tree is used to replace the flag that Marines are raising on Iwo Jima in order to hype on more about “Global Warmening”, we get this quote from the […]



R.I.P. Mr. Heston

Charlton Heston was not my favorite actor. He wasn’t even my favorite conservative. And, yes, I know I’m late in writing about this, but hey, I was working. What I don’t know about Mr. Heston would fill a large reel of film. What I do know about him is plenty though. He marched with Dr. […]


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My Karma Just Ran Over Your Dogma

That karma, she is a stone bitch, ain’t she? Uria Ohana, 25, an assistant rabbi, said Thurday that he entered the Fourth Avenue-Ninth Street subway station in Park Slope on his way to a lecture in Manhattan on Tuesday evening when a young man, one of a group on the platform, grabbed his yarmulke from […]


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No Happiness-Dispensing Ponies, Either

pan·der (pndr)intr.v. pan·dered, pan·der·ing, pan·ders 1. To act as a go-between or liaison in sexual intrigues; function as a procurer. 2. To cater to the lower tastes and desires of others or exploit their weaknesses. I’d like to submit a third definition: to write a blatantly fellating piece about a political candidate, loosely disguised as […]


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Oh lawsy mercy, the FBI is going to database us all!! The FBI is gearing up to create a massive computer database of people’s physical characteristics, all part of an effort the bureau says to better identify criminals and terrorists. Oh noes!! We’re all going to be *gasp* indexed!


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Tet: Victory at Last

(Guest blogger: Joan of Arggh! from Primordial Slack) It didn’t happen in a day, actually, but it started in earnest on January 31, 1968. I was just a wee Miss Argghh! back then, but I remember my parents watching Uncle Walter Cronkite every evening. I remember not quite understanding what my brother was doing on […]


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