Er… The San Francisco City Attorney’s Office has denied a claim for physical and emotional injuries made against the city by two San Jose brothers wounded on Christmas Day by an escaped tiger at the San Francisco Zoo. I’m sorry, but I just don’t think I can handle a sensible decision coming out of California.  […]


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Both Sides

The LA Times actually did a good bit of reporting here. What bothers me is that I can actually see both sides of the argument. One the one hand, I took an oath to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. That oath ended with “I do so affirm” rather than “So help […]



Ominbussery and Bonus Hero of the Day

Another weekend of yard work. Still isn’t complete. Dammit. Let’s see where the bus takes us today… In San Diego: Helicopters kept searching for signs of the shark that killed triathlete David Martin, Solana Beach Lifeguard Capt. Craig Miller said. Er, why? To arrest it for unlawful biting? Misdemeanor leg chompery? Ridiculous waste of time, […]


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It’s For Your Own Good, Really

There’s a reason we have an “only in California” tag, people: California shoppers could end up paying recycling fees if they decide to haul their groceries home in plastic bags. Two bills scheduled to be considered tomorrow by the Assembly Natural Resources Committee would authorize fees of 15 cents or 25 cents a bag. The […]


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Dr. Zeus Calling

Do you ever read the news and feel as if you are trapped in some third-rate novelization of a dystopian nightmare? SOUTH PASADENA – District officials are investigating an incident in which a substitute teacher allegedly reprimanded a student inappropriately, authorities said Friday.Police were called to South Pasadena Middle School on Wednesday following a report […]


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We’re Making a Better World

Could someone pleeeeze…Mycroft or maybe Drumwaster (you seem a math-y type, as well)…calculate for me exactly how long before the hippies are extinct? (Be sure to watch the vid down at the bottom of that post, it’s priceless.) I’ve always liked Jon Stewart, especially after he handed Tucker Carlson his little bowtie back all done […]


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