In Which I Sound Like A Broken Record

Well, I would ordinarily be conflicted about something like this…as I don’t see teenagers as HUMAN, much less people with actual rights…but we’re all about holding the line here, and this is a definite crossing of it by San Antonio courts: Court authorities will be able to track students with a history of skipping school […]


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Elected, Not Anointed

You know, I really don’t give a fat damn what Joe Private Citizen does with his free time. But then I’m one of those people who think prostitution should be legalized, regulated and overseen by a Guild. Crazy and irrational, I know. I’m a cruel, heartless bitch to consider putting crack-whores and HIV-carriers out of […]


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Get Her, Ray

From the California Code of Judicial Ethics (pdf): Canon 1. A judge shall uphold the integrity and independence of the judiciary. Canon 2. A judge shall avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety in all of the judge’s activities. Canon 3. A judge shall perform the duties of judicial office impartially and diligently. Canon 4. […]


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Two All-Beef Patties, Special Sauce and a Consent Form

As we’re all aware, nanny-ism isn’t confined to states. Due to the proliferation of Stupid Lawsuits the local Burger Joint Who Shall Not be Named gives me my under-filled cup of coffee inside a paper bag. I tell them I don’t require a bag, my vehicle is in posession of an admirable number of cup […]


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