Whither Reason?

Why is it so quiet around here?  Because the world is too frigging depressing, thankyewverymuch. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is absolutely no way to talk to people who can seriously hold an opinion like this: jeff Joke-oby, you are a racist buffoon. You and your sick rich cohorts run our economy into […]


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I’ll Tell You, But It’s Gonna Cost You

Well, this is special: Fill out your Census form and … win an iPod? A Starbucks gift certificate? Cash? Doing your civic duty would literally pay off if the Commerce Department and Congress decide to dangle prizes to get people to answer Census questionnaires in 2010. The Census Bureau is looking at ways to increase […]


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Speaking of Fiscal Irresponsibility…

This is what the media used to be good for: Patrick Dostie, the state’s nuclear safety inspector, has been coming to work every day to a job he’s held since 1989 even though the position was eliminated in 2005 by the Legislature. Lawmakers were set again this year to eliminate the job, along with the […]


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Another Dangerous Precedent

Recently this bill was brought to my attention, H.R. 5872, because it passed the house with only 8 people voting NO. Overall, this bill is pretty harmless. What it does is it directs the Treasury to issue 350,000 commemorative US $1 dollar silver coins to honor the US Boy Scouts first 100 years. Big whoop, […]


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Ominbussery and Bonus Hero of the Day

Another weekend of yard work. Still isn’t complete. Dammit. Let’s see where the bus takes us today… In San Diego: Helicopters kept searching for signs of the shark that killed triathlete David Martin, Solana Beach Lifeguard Capt. Craig Miller said. Er, why? To arrest it for unlawful biting? Misdemeanor leg chompery? Ridiculous waste of time, […]


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A New Business Regulation

(Guest blogger: Mad Rocket Scientist from Afternoons With the Mad Rocket Scientist) As we the taxpayers get ready to pony up yet another bailout to cover the destruction of wealth caused by careless and criminal individuals, I propose, in the spirit of Ted’s new rules, that we need a new business regulation. In addition to […]


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