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Civil Disobedience

You all may have noticed it has been a bit quiet around these parts for a while now.  The reasons are multiple, but the biggest is that the Line we were attempting to hold has actually moved.   And not, as we’re sure you’ve noticed, for the better. So, Ted and I* are now posting […]


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Not Talking About “Heller”

Although, if I owned a gun store I would be saturating the airwaves and print with advertising for my “First Annual Heller Sale.” Been busy around the Casa de la Ligne, but I’m not going to apologize for lack of posting. It’s summer and I’m enjoying it. But I would like to call your attention […]


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I’m going to stop apologizing for our sporadic posting.  It’s summer, we have other crap to do.  Deal. Friend of TLIH, Michele Catalano, has another article up at PJ, on adults providing minors with alcohol and the inevitable legal/judicial ramifications.  In the comments is the inevitable, “if someone is old enough to serve why are […]


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And It Is Still Amazing and Wonderful

In my country, I can travel to a spaceport, and watch, with my very own eyes, the launch of a SPACESHIP. Pictures upon our return. UPDATE: Traffic from Titusville to Cocoa Beach is unpossible after a launch. But…totally worth it. (click for larger) STS-124 launch STS-124 downrange This is a Patriot’s Journey post. Remember to […]


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The Last State

This amuses: The group is one of several in Hawaii that reject statehood and seek to return to the constitutional monarchy that effectively ended in 1893 when a group of politicians, businessmen and sugar planters — aided by the U.S. minister to Hawaii — overthrew the kingdom’s government. The monarchist groups say that the kingdom […]


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