Making the World a Better Place

College students as the new Daschunds. We don’t yet breed people into lapdogs, but the contemporary university is doing all it can to accomplish such a goal—creating a citizenry that instinctively looks to the federal government for its protection and sustenance. What is perhaps most remarkable about manufacturing this “new person” is that it seems […]


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Not From the Onion

If you rely on entertainers to inform your political choices then you truly get what you deserve. Before the presidential election, the Obama campaign wasn’t shy about the fact that it was cozying up to Hollywood to rally support. But now, the administration has revealed just how much it worked with industry insiders to help re-elect the […]


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Guess Which Parts Are Sarcasm

Ordinarily I would not bestir myself on this subject, since so many others devote far more time to it, but we are watching the progress of Florida SB 234 with great interest, since it will allow open carry for concealed weapon carriers here in the Sunshine State. For the record, the only reason this interests […]


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Freedom – You’re doing it wrong

Sigh… Owning a gun is nice and all, but if we keep putting up with shit like this, it’s a useless gesture amounting to nothing more than a distraction from the true loss of freedom TAMPA – Hillsborough County soon will begin enforcing its strict ordinances governing adult businesses now that a federal appeals court […]



And Really Good Cookie Makers

To borrow a word from someone I don’t necessarily like or agree with, the Pussification of American kids continues, with a Texas state official proposing the elimination of extra credit in high school classes to promote “fairness.” High school students across Texas would no longer get extra credit in their grade point averages for some […]


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Oh Yes, Save the Idiots First

And the hilarity begins: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was briefly evacuated from her downtown Denver hotel on Saturday when a man carrying two hunting rifles and two pistols tried to check in to the hotel.Secret Service spokesman Malcolm Wiley said 29-year-old Joseph Calanchini of Pinedale, Wyo., faces a charge of unlawful carrying of a weapon […]


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