Not From the Onion

If you rely on entertainers to inform your political choices then you truly get what you deserve.

Before the presidential election, the Obama campaign wasn’t shy about the fact that it was cozying up to Hollywood to rally support. But now, the administration has revealed just how much it worked with industry insiders to help re-elect the president, and it turns out that there was even greater involvement than may have initially been revealed.

Katy Perry? KATY PERRY??? I weep for the future, people.


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Daily Doggerel


A Little Efficiency, Please

Would someone hand that little pissant a cyanide capsule already? Or at least a nice fresh rope.

James Holmes, the suspect in the Aurora, Colorado movie massacre, has made various “half-hearted” suicide attempts in recent days, law enforcement sources tell CBS4′s Brian Maass.

Don’t make me come out there…



No Wonder This Nation Is So Screwed Up

Campus Censorship and the End of American Debate

A few minutes’ explanation of how colleges constrain thought rather than expand it.  Bill Whittle narrates.





Something to consider…



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