We Are Dying Many Times Before Our Deaths

I bring you today two separate articles, from two very different papers, nearly 3500 miles apart from one another and yet with a very similar theme: We live in an age of cowards. At first, David Cameron endorsed a no-fly zone over Libya, taking charge of a situation that was volatile, dangerous, changing rapidly, and […]


How to Get Nothing for Something

I suspect mightily that all that extra cash is definitely helping the Teacher’s Union keep apace. (h/t Cato Institute)


There is Nothing Fair About Paycheck Fairness

No time for introductions now, citizens and civilians alike. I’m Lt. Col. Jean Dubois. And I have anger issues. Especially when I see this kind of crap. As the messiah is so often fond of saying, let me be clear on this. You cannot engineer fairness. The market will take care of itself. In the […]


RIP, Scott

Rest In Peace. Finally.


Tea Party News – Input Requested

We here at The Raffles have heard several stories about Tea Parties getting shut down or local dimwits trying to get them canceled; and even more about the supposed counter-protests, dirty-trick petitions from ACORN and other groups, and of course the H-P looking to report all the badness.  So far, I can only dig up […]


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