Guess Which Parts Are Sarcasm

Ordinarily I would not bestir myself on this subject, since so many others devote far more time to it, but we are watching the progress of Florida SB 234 with great interest, since it will allow open carry for concealed weapon carriers here in the Sunshine State. For the record, the only reason this interests […]


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The Day After The Night Before

Republicans and Conservatives, Congratulations on your victory! It now means nothing. Remember who put you there. We, the people. Remember why we sent you there. Because we are done with the way Congress works today. You were elected because we are giving you a last chance. We hear a lot of promises and platitudes. The […]


A Warning

Dear Republicans, new and old: Should you believe, once this heady time of  ”we the people” is past, that you may continue your ruinous and rapacious ways, we here at Simon Jester – and indeed, all across the country – would advise you to think again. No more “stimulus” that stimulates exactly nothing. No more […]


Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood? The Feds.

According to this article from Human Events, the governors of western states have quite a dilemma on their hands. Most of the land in their states is owned by the Federal Government. Washington, D.C. already lords over some 650 million acres, or 29 percent of America’s land. The federal government owns 45.3 percent of California, […]



They think they know what we’re pissed off about.  They think we’re a big special interest group that is funded by corporations and our own fat bank accounts. They. Have. No. Idea. [youtube][/youtube]


Choose Your Fate, or, Compare, Contrast, and Extrapolate

The American Revolution was started by about one third of the population of the thirteen colonies. This one third encompassed the landed wealthy, the educated, the middle class, the yeoman farmers, and the illiterate.  Basically every strata of society in terms of money, education, prestige, personal or political power. But it was ONLY one third […]



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