Not From the Onion

If you rely on entertainers to inform your political choices then you truly get what you deserve. Before the presidential election, the Obama campaign wasn’t shy about the fact that it was cozying up to Hollywood to rally support. But now, the administration has revealed just how much it worked with industry insiders to help re-elect the […]


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From the NY Times: WASHINGTON — High-level officials at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department were notified in the late summer that F.B.I. agents had uncovered what appeared to be an extramarital affair involving the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, David H. Petraeus, government officials said Sunday. And just kept it quiet until needed? But […]


The Future…

…won’t you weep for it? [youtube][/youtube] Kenyan – born in Kenya Keynsian – Keynesian economics (pronounced /?ke?nzi?n/, also called Keynesianism and Keynesian theory) is a macroeconomictheory based on the ideas of 20th century British economist John Maynard Keynes. Keynesian economics argues that private sector decisions sometimes lead to inefficient macroeconomic outcomes and therefore advocates active policy responses by thepublic sector, including monetary policy […]


Feeling All 8th Grade-y

I will bet five American dollars that this little


140 Character Wisdom

For those of you who Twitter, here’s White Houseboy Jake Tapper’s Twitter stream, as he follows the “President” around the world during his 2009 Appeasement TourTM.   Some “fun” excerpts: POTUS: “US is not at war with Islam….our partnership with the Muslim world is critical in rolling back a fringe ideology..” — More “sorry about […]


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