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And we aim to misbehave. Admin notes: We lost the simon-jester.org URL, please update your linkage to simonjester.info For those of you who remember The Line is Here, those domains are gone, alas, but the archives have been imported here. New writers are coming, and we’ll be ramping up the misbehavin’…


Civil Disobedience

You all may have noticed it has been a bit quiet around these parts for a while now.  The reasons are multiple, but the biggest is that the Line we were attempting to hold has actually moved.   And not, as we’re sure you’ve noticed, for the better. So, Ted and I* are now posting […]


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Really? The One is like Lincoln? Let’s think about this for a minute. Abe’s father was a sunofabitch who abandoned him. Obama? Check. Abe took in a strong political adversary into his cabinet? Obama? Check. Abe was willing to suspend civil liberties, tell industries what they could and could not produce, and gave fuck all […]



Freedom – You’re doing it wrong

Sigh… Owning a gun is nice and all, but if we keep putting up with shit like this, it’s a useless gesture amounting to nothing more than a distraction from the true loss of freedom TAMPA – Hillsborough County soon will begin enforcing its strict ordinances governing adult businesses now that a federal appeals court […]



Kindly Get Over Thyself

Watching the ticker on FoxNews (convenient channel for hurricane tracking is all, don’t read anything into it), and saw this fun tidbit go by… Apparently Former DNC chairman Don Fowler was recorded saying Gustav’s landing this morning (on the opening day of the RNC) proves God wants the Democratic party to win. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrBus8ORR78[/youtube] Everyone jokes, […]




Well, damn.  Vacation is over, the summer rains make gardening sort of futile at this point, and the kids go back to school in about 20 days… Guess it is time to start posting again, eh?


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