We Are Dying Many Times Before Our Deaths

I bring you today two separate articles, from two very different papers, nearly 3500 miles apart from one another and yet with a very similar theme: We live in an age of cowards. At first, David Cameron endorsed a no-fly zone over Libya, taking charge of a situation that was volatile, dangerous, changing rapidly, and […]



Senator Tom Coburn is up there as one of the people who’s hand I would like to shake. According to the Wall Street Journal, thanks to his efforts, the GAO has produced a report that compiles a master list of redundant & ineffective federal programs. (“Billions in Bloat Uncovered in Beltway” – emphasis mine.) You […]


But the Media is Interested in the Truth, Right?

Because I’m so sure they are, I expect to see an imminent story about how the eeeeevil Koch Brothers only donated $43,000 to the Gubernatorial campaign of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. http://www.followthemoney.org/database/StateGlance/candidate.phtml?c=116585 Which amounts to only 0.47% of his total campaign contributions for that 2010 election. Hell, the Concerned Realtors Committee and the Wisconsin Realtors […]


The Day After The Night Before

Republicans and Conservatives, Congratulations on your victory! It now means nothing. Remember who put you there. We, the people. Remember why we sent you there. Because we are done with the way Congress works today. You were elected because we are giving you a last chance. We hear a lot of promises and platitudes. The […]


Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood? The Feds.

According to this article from Human Events, the governors of western states have quite a dilemma on their hands. Most of the land in their states is owned by the Federal Government. Washington, D.C. already lords over some 650 million acres, or 29 percent of America‚Äôs land. The federal government owns 45.3 percent of California, […]


Pollute and Die?

So the message here is that if you don’t agree with the Religion of the Environmentalists and the Holy Church of Global Warming, then you’ll be killed? [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xx4yr0FFhMQ[/youtube] We’ve reached the point in this cycle of humanity to where if you aren’t part of Groupthink, you are to be eliminated. I, for one, do NOT […]


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