Making the World a Better Place

College students as the new Daschunds. We don’t yet breed people into lapdogs, but the contemporary university is doing all it can to accomplish such a goal—creating a citizenry that instinctively looks to the federal government for its protection and sustenance. What is perhaps most remarkable about manufacturing this “new person” is that it seems […]


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Daily Doggerel


Get Mad

Are you angry yet?  Last week we learned that the guy who made that anti-Muslim film is going to prison for a year. It is apparently now illegal to embarrass this administration. What I find even more shocking is the apathy my friends express. Their shrugs would make Atlas blush. They tell me he’s an idiot who […]


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No Limits

It can’t possibly matter. New reporting by the Wall Street Journal suggests that the Benghazi attack may have played a major role in General Petraeus’ resignation as director of the CIA. This report suggests that Petraeus may have been pushed out of the position because he tried to challenge the Obama administration’s timeline of the […]





Not From the Onion

If you rely on entertainers to inform your political choices then you truly get what you deserve. Before the presidential election, the Obama campaign wasn’t shy about the fact that it was cozying up to Hollywood to rally support. But now, the administration has revealed just how much it worked with industry insiders to help re-elect the […]


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