The Line is Here

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We are no longer children.

That is the driving idea behind this site. We are adults, who should be allowed to stand or fail on our own.

The Line is HERE!

Your nonsense comes no further. We stand ready to defend ourselves from your corruption via good intentions masking your agendas.

  • We will teach our children and grandchildren as our parents taught us: through example and practical application of the left foot of reality.
  • We will vote against politicians who are just out to take care of us, “for our own good,” or want to make everyone equal by bringing down those who excel.
  • We will not only not sign your petitions to ’stop developers’ but will tell you why reasoned and planned development can be a good thing.
  • We will tell you to your face to ‘mind your own damn business’ when you come to our door to complain that you think our sunflowers are attracting the ‘wrong kind’ of bird or that we shouldn’t suntan naked in our own backyards behind a privacy fence.

Feel free to comment on this or any other post here. Have facts, not feelings, to back yourself up if you want to argue. Feel free to link to this post and say to your left-wing liberal wussie friends that a new monster is out there so they can come poke me with sticks. We will be ranting about you, morons: have the balls to duke it out or a mind open enough to realize that we might be right sometimes.


Hazel Stone

Hazel used to think she was a Republican, but she can certainly be forgiven for it, as she grew up during the Reagan years, and everyone knows that man had more charisma than a plane-load of George Clooneys. Then she got married and, apparently filled with love for her fellow man, became something of a Democrat. Then she had two children, the twin towers were brought down, and Hazel realized she had too much to lose to remain a socialist ninny.

Now, Hazel bitterly resents the CYA policies of the public school system (while languishing on a charter school waiting list), and notes with growing cynicism the self-interest of government at all levels. Despite their proclivity for fielding the wackiest candidates possible, Hazel is now a libertarian.

Government should exist to serve its citizens, not the other way around.

Ted Bronson

On any given day, Ted would rather be smoking ribs than reading the news.

Behind his desk are framed copies of the Declaration, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Beside his desk are his humidor, his father’s funeral flag, and a shadow box with his own medals and ribbons that he earned while serving in the USN.

Ted knows how to fish, farm, and fight. He also knows how to read, write, and teach.

Ted can sail a boat, suture a wound, and shoot a firearm.

Ted can take care of himself and his family and truly wishes to be left alone to do so.

Ted knows what liberty is, and reminds himself and his children everyday.

Mycroft Holmes

Mycroft Holmes is a puzzle inside an enigma wrapped in a cardigan.  He has an aversion to claiming authority on any subject, preferring to ask questions rather than proclaim statements.  As a result, he tends to question everything, which he believes leads to the evolution of ideas and therefore greater understanding.

Hence, absolutism in all forms is anathema.  Mycroft believes the answer to every problem can be found, must be found, somewhere in the middle ground.  The current US political environment is poison to the concept of moderation.  Petty extremism is strangling the life out of the nation, threatening to betray the tenets that led to greatness.

Thus does Mycroft Holmes put politics to the question, hoping to cull the obsolete, the corrupt, and the anti-libertine, and to determine the answers that will keep this country strong, proud, and free.

Guest Authors

Mike Hendrix from Cold Fury:

Please allow me to introduce myself: I’m a man of no wealth and piss-poor taste. I have in fact been around for many a long year, although stealing men’s souls and faith has never been an interest of mine. Jesus’ moment of doubt and pain? Sealing Pilate’s fate? Hey, wasn’t me. /eddie murphy voice

Puzzled yet?

There is no truth to the rumors about my hanging around St Petersburg, and to the best of my knowledge I have never laid any man’s soul to waste. Never ridden a tank, and I wasn’t even born when the blitzkrieg raged and the bodies stank. No point bothering about guessing my name; it’s attached to this post.

Woo woo!

Seriously, thanks to Hazel and Ted for allowing me to stink up this place on occasion. Hey, is that sulfur I smell burning?

This oughta be fun, y’all.

Robb Allen from Sharp as a Marble:

Robb Allen is a former Marine, a computer programmer, a beer brewer, a father, a gun owner, a bullet-maker, a husband, and a four-star rated pain in the ass.

He has an opinion and isn’t afraid to use it.

Liberty Belle:

Although a little cracked, Liberty is still just as vigorous today as she was in her youth. She made her home in Philadelphia for many years before moving to New York and finally settling in Washington, D.C. She is a teacher and a nurse, a mother and a maiden. She has traveled around the world, but never left the hearts of her children. Liberty loves winners, hates cowards, and despises quitters.

Mad Rocket Scientist from Afternoons With the Mad Rocket Scientist:

The Mad Rocket Scientist is a Veteran Gator Mechanic (Amphibious Naval Forces for you Blue Water types) who has, courtesy of a rather large number of broken body parts, been forced to retire to a life of designing aerospace vehicles for fun and profit. He is an avid outdoorsman, amateur carpenter, gardener, computer geek, martial artist, shooter (guns and bows), and all around nice guy.

He does not, however, suffer fools well, a trait that has cost him at least one job and made for some ..spirited… discussions at many others. He has therefore decided that the only sane course of action is to raise a Legion of Terror™ and take over the world long enough to heavily promote space exploration and get human colonies off of this dirtball and into the unforgiving vacuum of space, where a stronger breed of men will be forged in the cold darkness.

Joan of Arggh! from Primordial Slack:

Apparently, I’m a lot of trouble. But you can go here if you want to know more. I live here. And yes, I had this name first!


Philémon is a happy, slightly pudgy resident of the pacific Northwest, but considers himself a citizen of the world. Unfortunately for some, he’s also a flag-waving jingoist with a penchant for hyperbole, the better to proclaim the emperor’s nudity. So it’s for a good cause.

Long live the United States of America (although California could leave at any time and not be missed).


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    November 12th, 2012

    Welcome back.


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