We Are Dying Many Times Before Our Deaths

I bring you today two separate articles, from two very different papers, nearly 3500 miles apart from one another and yet with a very similar theme:

We live in an age of cowards.

At first, David Cameron endorsed a no-fly zone over Libya, taking charge of a situation that was volatile, dangerous, changing rapidly, and involved a tyrant murdering the people he was duty bound to protect. I liked this move. It spoke volumes about how after a series of tepid moves by Europe and especially the UK, we might finally see a PM with some gumption. Someone who saw a wrong in the world and vowed to right it.

Then we hear that he’s backtracked on this idea – after the current U.S. administration “distanced” itself from the idea.

As senior British military sources expressed concern that Downing Street appeared to be overlooking the dangers of being sucked into a long and potentially dangerous operation, the prime minister said Britain would go no further than contacting the rebel forces at this stage.

The change in tone came after the U.S. declared it would take a more cautious and calculated approach. A calculated approach? If days of silence is calculated, then spot on gang.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we have the gale force winds of hope and change blowing across the states, don’t we?

Actually, that smell in the air reminds me an awful lot of the late 1970s, and there’s a good reason why…

I read this quote today, and it really stood out:

Insiders say that Obama hesitated to take a public stand against the doomed dictator for fear that US diplomats might be taken hostage. But a great power can’t conduct a robust foreign policy in fear; that way lies the path of Jimmy Carter, whom Obama is coming more and more to resemble.

The cluelessness that runs rampant through the Obama administration is apparent, and it’s bordering on criminal. It’s the same kind of thoughtless policy making that took place during the Carter administration, which also plunged us into a well of irrelevancy. People were speaking as if the American Century was going to be over a bit early. It’s a combination of bad ideas and worse decision-making that threaten our way of life.

Frankly, I no longer care why Obama’s trying to run the country into the ground. Is it by dumb accident, because he’s too ignorant to know better? Is it a deliberately calculated move to bring us down? I don’t give a shit anymore. Because it doesn’t matter. Regardless of the circumstance or the situation, he is going to make the cowardly move. He’s shown it time and again, apologizing to dictators, bowing and scraping before kings, and making his rounds on his Apology Tour.

I have fucking had it with this shameless cowardice.

And now it seems that we have a policy that operates from the fear end of the spectrum. Better to not make a move at all rather than upset all the widdle dictators of the world.

There was a time when, if our citizens might have been in harms way in a foreign land, that we’d park a Carrier Strike Group off the coast, send in a Marine Expeditionary Unit, and that was that, because no one fucks with us or our people.

Don’t send in the Marines to protect a citizen of the United States. Oh no. Instead, rent FERRY BOATS THAT ARE TOO SMALL to rescue our people from a land that’s coming apart at the seams.

Well done, cowards.


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One Response to “We Are Dying Many Times Before Our Deaths”

  1. Rauðbjørn Says:
    March 5th, 2011

    Well said sir! What happened to the White Fleet? American hostages freed just because we got an *adult* in command instead of a “gentleman peanut farmer”? What happened to the will of a people that pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps; from poverty into the most powerful economy on the planet? What happened to the nation that saved Europe’s collective bacon not once, but three times in one century? What happened to four letter responses to demands for surrender?


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