The Day After The Night Before

Republicans and Conservatives,

Congratulations on your victory!

It now means nothing.

Remember who put you there. We, the people.

Remember why we sent you there. Because we are done with the way Congress works today.

You were elected because we are giving you a last chance. We hear a lot of promises and platitudes. The fact is, we’ve heard them all before. What we want is for you, our employees, to do the job that we sent you to do.

This consists of basically two ideals, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. First is limited government. Make certain we have one to pass on to our children.

The second is Free Enterprise. Guarantee it without exception.

Not too bad, eh? You even have this handy guide to help you make decisions! We call it the Constitution of the United States. Keep it on you at all times. There are neat little pocket versions available everywhere. Refer to it early and often and you won’t go wrong.

Here’s the catch, though, in exchange for our vote.

There is to be NO compromise, no “spirit of bipartisanship”. Obama and the Democrats will feed you that line so that you may think it is your patriotic duty to work with them. Make no mistake: if you do, you will be working for them. To quote the Admiral, “It’s a trap.”

Get thee to Washington, but keep one ear turned back to your district. Because we want you to fix it up there. But we also want you to listen to us, back here.

Remember, we are watching and waiting, but our patience has run out.


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One Response to “The Day After The Night Before”

  1. cmblake6 Says:
    November 18th, 2010

    Well said, and exactly.


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