And Really Good Cookie Makers

To borrow a word from someone I don’t necessarily like or agree with, the Pussification of American kids continues, with a Texas state official proposing the elimination of extra credit in high school classes to promote “fairness.”

High school students across Texas would no longer get extra credit in their grade point averages for some advanced classes under rules proposed by the state’s higher education commissioner.

The proposal from Raymond Paredes, intended to bring more fairness to college admissions decisions, sparked a furor Monday about one of the most controversial topics in high schools: GPAs.

I swear to Zog.  When did the concept of Life Not Being Fair get kicked to the curb?  Last I heard you had to actually WORK for what you got, and that actually made the entire experience…quel surprise…all the more valuable.

I get the guy’s point that the classes need standardization, so some schools aren’t fielding an AP Underwater Basketweaving class just to make their graduating classes look good, but the effect it is going to have on the students…who, let’s face it, are lazy bastards…is going to result in the most embarrassing sort of backlash when they all choose Advanced Cookie Making or Intermediate Garage Sweeping, and then can’t even get in to the local junior college.

Bright side:  Texas will never have a fast food worker shortage.


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One Response to “And Really Good Cookie Makers”

  1. bobbymak Says:
    September 9th, 2008

    The long-term solution to any worker shortage was and is higher wages and better working conditions not economic subterfuge like “worker visas and other gimmicks.

    The economic free ride is over. You get what you pay for.


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