Parting the Misty Veils of the Future…

I think my eyes might just roll out of my head*

A new report to the Connecticut state legislature shows police have used the state’s unique gun seizure law to confiscate more than 1,700 firearms from citizens based on suspicion that the gun owners might harm themselves or others.

The state’s law permits police to seek a warrant for seizing a citizen’s guns based on suspicion of the gun owner’s intentions, before any act of violence or lawbreaking is actually committed.

I don’t know about you, but it is an IMMENSE comfort to me to know that the police in Connecticut can now read minds. How wonderfully crime-free this state must be! I think I will move there right away.

Under the statute, dubbed the “turn in your neighbor” law by opponents, any two police officers or a state prosecutor may seek a warrant, following a specified process of investigation, to confiscate guns from people deemed a risk to harming themselves or others. The vast majority of cases, however, begin when a person – usually a spouse or live-in, according to the OLR report – file a complaint.

Ok, how about a law now to pre-emptively arrest parents before they abuse their children?  How could you tell?  Well, of course if the child complains, they must be at risk of abuse, no?  Of course they’re not just crying about the spanking they received for coloring all over their bedroom walls, or about being grounded due to sneaking cigarettes from Mom’s purse.

And Neighbor Bill, who let his kids trample through your flowerbed and was asked to keep control over them…he’s only complaining to authorities about your guns because he thinks you might blow your thumb off, not because he wants to get back at you for so rudely pointing out his lackadaisical parenting method.  He cares about YOU, man.

“It certainly has not been abused. It may be underutilized,” Ron Pinciaro, co-executive director of Connecticut Against Gun Violence, told the Waterbury Republican American. “The bottom line from our perspective is, it may very well have saved lives.”

Thanks, Nanny-State!

*Yes, this is a link to a story on Worldnetdaily, which I ordinarily eschew, but the law exists, and it is idiotic in the extreme.


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3 Responses to “Parting the Misty Veils of the Future…”

  1. Madrocketscientist Says:
    August 6th, 2008

    Just like orders of protection, such a system is less likely to be abused solely by the police in your community than by your neighbors.

    What ever happened to an officer coming by and saying “Hey, your neighbor had a complaint about you, you wanna tell us your side?” It’s effective, it gives you a chance to tell your side (which can defuse your anger), and at the same time, it lets you know that the police are aware of the situation and somewhere there is going to be a record of this meeting, so if bad things happen, the police are going to have a short list of suspects.

    Of course, that does not mean the police are not complicit in the abuse, as they could use such powers as a last resort, rather than a first.

  2. Mad Rocket Scientist Says:
    August 6th, 2008


  3. Mulligan Says:
    August 14th, 2008

    wait ’till they figure out we’d all be safer in solitary confinement..If we had zero human contact no one could hurt us.

    I’d get my very own room :)


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