Not Talking About “Heller”

Although, if I owned a gun store I would be saturating the airwaves and print with advertising for my “First Annual Heller Sale.”

Been busy around the Casa de la Ligne, but I’m not going to apologize for lack of posting. It’s summer and I’m enjoying it. But I would like to call your attention to this little gem of a story.  It seems that we, as a country, have been the unwitting hosts of at least three wetbacked* Mexican soldiers.  Gateway Pundit has more details and mugshots.

Pay attention.  These three men arrested for a Monday murder in Phoenix, Arizona (which is part of the United States last time I checked) seem to be active duty Mexican soldiers.  Soldiers of a foreign army. On U.S. soil. Committing murder.  By firing at least FIFTY, maybe up to ONE HUNDRED rounds at and/or inside this residential home.  One person was killed. Three people were caught. As many as three more people got away from police.

Now, I might be able to condone the random (or purposeful) killing of a drug dealer.  You might be able to convince me that fifty to a hundred rounds were required to kill said drug dealer. You could even, on a good day if I had plenty of margaritas in me, convince me that these three weren’t in the Mexican Army anymore.  But you could not ever convince me that these three assassins were in this country legally, or had any problems getting across the US/Mexican border.

I’m just saying, maybe we have other things to be worrying about other than a bad law in the District finally getting un-done.

the term ‘wetbacked’ is intended to indicate an illegal alien and is not a racial slur; it derives from the act of crossing the Rio Grande and still having a moist dorsal surface when the border patrol catches up with the trespasser.  Common usage indicates that this person is usually Hispanic in origin, but it applies to any person crossing any border illegally.


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3 Responses to “Not Talking About “Heller””

  1. Tim Says:
    June 27th, 2008

    Just a quick update. I live in Phoenix, and there has been some dispute about the duty status of the “soldiers” in the case.

    I’ve heard it confirmed by somebody not representing the police that one of the guys arrested “said he was active duty”, and from two other sources including the police that the same guy “admitted to having prior military training.” Everybody except the police spokesperson has been a leak, up to this point.

    I don’t doubt that the Mexican military is frequently mounting incursions along the border; it actually happens more frequently than you’d expect. I do, however, want to wait this one out before scrambling the jets for an act of war that might not be accurate.

  2. Francis W. Porretto Says:
    June 27th, 2008

    Matter of priorities, Ted. Congress and the Executive Branch are supposed to control the borders. I just want to keep my wife and children safe.

  3. Ted Bronson Says:
    June 27th, 2008

    Howdy Tim, Francis; nice to have you aboard.

    Tim: I usually take early press reports with a grain of salt, but this seemed, to me, to have some weight to it. The incident happened three or four days before the first reporting on it that I saw. However, the Mexican Army has indeed come across the border on numerous occasions, sometimes in force with heavy arms and armor. So it really didn’t strike me as unlikely to be true. I will try to keep an eye things to evaluate further; please feel free to update the comments on this post if you hear anything locally.

    Francis: I understand your statement. And agree. But I never needed the SCOTUS to tell me what I couldn’t do in my own house. I would rather have a live family, a dead bad guy, and a prison term if that is what it took to keep my wife and kids safe. I believe in the inverse-bullshit-law-of-government — the closer to the center one gets, the more bullshit, petty functionaries, and oppressive regulations one comes in contact. With that in mind, AZ is hella far from D.C., and D.C. isn’t paying attention to securing our sovereign border. Without a real border, protected from those who would invade our country, your gun in your house (or my gun in mine) don’t mean dick.


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