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Eduard Burceag, a Romanian immigrant, software engineer, experienced mountaineer, and loving husband, was climbing Mt. Rainer with his wife Mariana and his friend Daniel, when a freak blizzard struck the volcano. The three quickly dug a snow trench to provide shelter from the wind, and Eduard, knowing full well what the likely outcome of his actions would be, laid on the bare, cold ground, laid his wife above him, and his friend above his wife, insulating her from both the ground and the 70 mph wind.

I have nothing to add, his actions speak with more beauty and emotion than any mere words I might be able to conjure.



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  1. Eduard Burceag: a hero deserving recognition | And Still I Persist Says:
    June 12th, 2008

    [...] story often told by Robert Heinlein. And it gives me hope for civilization to endure. Hat tip to The Line is Here.  ..bruce w.. Share this site with your favorite social bookmark These icons link to social [...]

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