Quick, Everybody Panic!

From NLB, a fine takedown of the moronic nanny-state notion of banning nail guns because they’re *gasp* dangerous.

Time to close the “hardware store loophole”!

We need to shut down Home Depot and Lowe’s immediately, people.  Do you know how many stabby things there are in those stores alone?  Not to mention poisons, electrical thingies, and BITS OF SPLINTERY WOOD!1!!  Oh, the humanity…


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One Response to “Quick, Everybody Panic!”

  1. JB Says:
    May 14th, 2008

    Forget the hardware store loophole, when is someone going to address the kitchen and housewares loophole? Have you ever set foot in a Williams-Sonoma or a Bed, Bath and Beyond? Do you know what they sell in those stores?


    Razor sharp instruments of death hanging from the walls like you’re in a serial killer’s basement.

    I’m going to write my Congressman…


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