I’ll Tell You, But It’s Gonna Cost You

Well, this is special:

Fill out your Census form and … win an iPod? A Starbucks gift certificate? Cash?

Doing your civic duty would literally pay off if the Commerce Department and Congress decide to dangle prizes to get people to answer Census questionnaires in 2010.

The Census Bureau is looking at ways to increase responses, including the use of prizes as an incentive, says spokesman Stephen Buckner.

If by “special” you mean “completely abandoning the concept of civic duty for a kindergarten-esque performance-for-gold-stars scenario.”

Does it please you people to be treated like trained monkeys?  Or can you think of nothing other than the personal material gain?  Gods forbid you should participate because the ultimate benefit…in the appropriate allocation of federal funding for those of you not paying attention…is to your neighborhoods.  Far better to ask “what’s in it for me?”


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One Response to “I’ll Tell You, But It’s Gonna Cost You”

  1. Blackwing1 Says:
    May 20th, 2008

    I have refused to fill out a census form, since it has become a massive invasion of personal privacy. Since the purpose of the census, as defined in the Constitution, is to apportion Representatives amongst the several States, the ONLY information that they need to know is that there are two adults, of legal voting age, domiciled at this address.

    That’s it. They don’t need to know how many cars we own, how many TV’s we have, if we have more than one bathroom, our age or gender, or how many dogs live with us. NONE of that information is used for the sole legitimate purpose of the census.

    No wonder that they’re having to bribe people to complete the forms. And with accuracy so questionable that the entire thing becomes a joke.


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