I’m not really so much interested in the main thrust of this article…there will always be arsehole cops, and if one gets cacked whilst being obnoxious to a superior then that’s just one more cherry on the ice cream sundae that is my day…as I am this statistic:

The incident was reported as police are being criticized for stopping and frisking record numbers of pedestrians — about 145,000 in the first quarter of this year. The majority were black or Hispanic.

You what? Cops are frisking 1600 people A DAY in New York? Just stopping them on the street, due to skin color, mein, clothing, whatever strikes their fancy, and patting them down??

Seriously, where is the outrage over this? All you people who live in that rat warren are fine with this policy? This is your reward for living/breathing the stink of 8 million of your fellows?

Digging up history on this stupid “policy” is hard…Google indexes so very much these days, it would take far more digging than I can dedicate to it to get to the origin of this “stop & frisk” policy. The earliest mention I have found thusfar is a report from Atty General Spitzer’s office (yeah, same ex-gov) from 1999 regarding an investigation into this policy. Do any of you folks know more about this? How exactly do they get away with doing this sans warrant or probable cause?


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One Response to “Baffling”

  1. martin Says:
    May 12th, 2008

    “How exactly do they get away with doing this sans warrant or probable cause?”

    Easy. Form “cooperation” between LE and the courts which leads to a lot more “understanding” than the defendants get, follow up with total inaction by the police and voilà, the cops can break the law with impunity. Relevant NYT article here.

    Via Instapundit and Overlawyered.


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