So, we know that Islam lays claim to anyone and anything that was ever under their control at any point in history. Land, people, whatever. We also know that Barack Obama was at one time associated with Islam. I don’t remember whether he self-identified as muslim or just went to one of their schools, but whatever the arrangement was, I bet it’s enough that some imam somewhere is willing to lay claim to him.

Therefore, if Obama is elected President, then in the eyes of at least some muslims, the US will have its first muslim President. Which is easy enough to conflate into having an Islamic government. These aren’t the sharpest, most subtle intellects we’re dealing with here.

I am therefore forced to conclude that if Obama is elected President, then we’re going to have to listen to imams bitching for the next 1300 years about how the holy Islamic land of America is in the hands of the infidel.

I think I just found my reason to vote McCain.


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One Response to “Syllogism”

  1. Joshua Says:
    March 5th, 2008

    On the other hand, if Obama is elected, once he is in office it will only be a matter of time before Muslims around the world realize that Obama is not actually a practicing Muslim. In other words, that he is an apostate. Failure to recite the shahada at his inaugural address, or to begin implementing shari’a law within his first 100 days in office, would surely drive this point home. That’s when the “fun” would really begin, and the myth that America is not in a religious war would be exploded once and for all, in a way that even the MSM would be hard-pressed to downplay or cover up.

    On the other other hand, If I were an imam who could lay claim to Obama as a former pupil of mine, I might keep that fact under my turban unless/until Obama positively reaffirmed his loyalty to the faith. After all, it wouldn’t do to become infamous across the ummah as the imam who cost Islam its big chance at controlling the White House by failing to keep its new, Muslim-by-birth occupant on the reservation.


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