The, “Just, Great!” Society

(Guest blogger: Joan of Arggh! from Primordial Slack)

Someone in a discussion forum I stumbled into early this morning had posted a comment to the effect, “why do we Democrats like Republicans so much more than Republicans like Democrats?”

Could it be that Republicans are likable? Of course we are. We’ve done more “reaching out” (please, Lord, let that silly affectation die soon) and reaching across the aisle, and haven’t gotten the courtesy of a reach-around in return from the Democrats since LBJ. Of course they like us. We welcome their ideas as our own. They’re pulling politics into the abysmal gravitational vortex of self-interest, and we’re going along with it… to get along. The new measure of political expediency.

Don’t worry, we can all play along at home! Which is precisely what is happening. The political frame of leadership has moved from a strict Representative Republic construct to an irresponsible Democratic one.

My vote: me first.

Most Republican leadership laments that it has to go along with this self-interested slough of a slothful electorate in order to attain any likelihood of influence or power.

And many, many Republicans have touted this as a moderate and logical way to conserve Conservatism.

Just consider that.

The Great Society Train Wreck

I’ll continue this with an anachronism to describe the vanishing Conservatives, since we’re disappearing across the plains like the mighty steam engines that once tamed this country and brought it together.

The goal in this political season is power and influence presumably; power to attain worthy goals, abiding goodness, and strong policies for future wealth and independence. But do we really want to grab the controls of a speeding and inevitable train wreck by bribing all the passengers to elect us the engineer– with promises of more comfortable seats for the journey?

We’re all gonna die if we keep going, and self-interest groups and those who pander to them are fighting to get us there quicker. Are we there yet?

But more and more, we’re the ones being made to shovel the coal ever-faster; and please shut up because there is no God, no reckoning, no bills to pay; there is only now. Right now! And, faster, please! Don’t you know that there are poor, sick, old, victimized, traumatized, unionized, homeless, disabled, diseased, orphaned, childless, drug-crazed, and illegal people that all want something from the Social Engineer? They’re depending on you to perform, so stop being so selfish and think of others for once, you heartless Republican!

And off we go, careening around Wall Street curves and hurtling down the reworked tracks of Socialism, without a brakeman in sight.

Just. Great.

No, this isn’t the ballad of Casey Jones, but it may as well be the ballad of LBJ. That Great Society that LBJ envisioned? You’re living it, baby. You’re working, it, too. That War on Poverty thing? We’ll win it yet; we just need another surge of cash. So pour it on, you selfish Capitalist. Hell no, they won’t give you a pullout time table. Not as long as one person is still free to think and provide for themselves.

And vote for softer seats.

Moreover, the Conservative Coal Shovelers’ Union Boss is in tight with the Social Engineer now. So shut up and shovel, we still have plenty of track ahead of us.



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3 Responses to “The, “Just, Great!” Society”

  1. Francis W. Porretto Says:
    February 9th, 2008

    “why do we Democrats like Republicans so much more than Republicans like Democrats?”

    First, I differ with the premise, as I can’t believe that people so accustomed to regarding their political adversaries as evil can really like them. Second, if Smith, who differs with you, just says you’re misinformed or haven’t thought the matter all the way through, while Jones, who differs with you, calls you a moral monster and a subhuman savage for it, who would you regard more favorably?

  2. Ted Bronson Says:
    February 9th, 2008

    Francis, could you care to tell me which side is which in your Smith and Jones analogy?

  3. Francis W. Porretto Says:
    February 10th, 2008

    While I’ll concede that there are conservatives / Republicans who demonize liberals / Democrats, I maintain that there are far more, and far more vicious-mouthed, liberals / Democrats who demonize conservatives / Republicans…sometimes all the way to actively wishing us harm, legal jeopardy, or death, simply for disagreeing with them about public policy.

    Yes, I’m a conservative, though not a Republican.


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